Ken Ludlam Memorial Match

Hello, fellow football lovers.

This article you’re about to read is one that’s full of happy and sad thoughts, happy from the point of view that on Thursday, the 29th of November we had the opportunity to celebrate the life of Ken Ludlam.

Ken sadly passed away around this time last year; he was a keen footballer, football fan, referee and I think I’m right in saying sometimes a coach?

Ken had a real passion for football, other people and life, so it seemed only fitting that we should celebrate his life doing something that he loved FOOTBALL.

The idea was to hold a Walking Football mini round-robin tournament at the Sticky Wicket Indoor Sports Hall all run on a non-competitive basis with fun being the main driving force.

The evening was attended by many of Ken’s playing colleagues from Deal’s Walking Football team; other teams included two teams from BayCity Strollers and a full squad from the Sticky Wicket.

As a tribute to Ken, all the players stood on the pitch and a 30 second round of applause was given in celebration of Ken outstanding contribution to Football.

12 games of 6 minutes followed all played with fantastic football on show, just how Ken would have loved it.

After all the games had ended, we made our way upstairs and sat down for a few well-deserved drinks and food laid on by our host Roland (the food was superb).
Talking to many of those that attended it’s been decided that we should now make this an annual event every November.

So roll on next year, I’m sure Ken would approve.